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  • Testimony of H.B.

    Testimony of H.B.

    I was born in the Florida Panhandle and raised by my grandparents there. I had what I thought was a normal childhood. I went to church as a kid, so …Read More »
  • The Fixx

    The Fixx

    The word “lifehack” has come to mean a cheap, quick, easy adaptation that addresses an immediate need or offers an alternative solution to something more costly and permanent. The Urban …Read More »
  • Testimony of M.M.

    Testimony of M.M.

    Before I came to Titus 2 my life was a disaster, unstable and spinning out of control. I was there only a couple of months and the light began to …Read More »
  • Titus 2 Residence Needs List

    Titus 2 Residence Needs List

    When students come to us, they often have nothing at all except the clothes on their backs. We assist them with clothing, personal items, shoes and purses, toiletries, and more. …Read More »
  • Young Mother Prepares for New Home

    Young Mother Prepares for New Home

    Today, as a young Mother prepares to move into her refurbished home with her children, she, Cathy and another student visited the home to anoint the foundation, entry doors, foyer, …Read More »
  • Blessing for 2 Titus Ladies!

    Blessing for 2 Titus Ladies!

    Today we will consecrate a home as a Mom and her children renew life together as a family that has chosen to live under the authority of the Lord. We …Read More »