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Life Recovery, Residential Rehab and Substance Abuse

Titus 2 Partnership, Inc. is an all volunteer-operated non-profit ministry (501c3) in Bay County, Florida, offered for women seeking substance abuse recovery and life recovery from other life-limiting dysfunctions.  Titus Partnership Inc. offers a structured women-only Christian education, discipleship and mentoring program designed to foster life transformation. The program components include  spiritual formation and character development, substance abuse recovery and education, life-skills training, and vocational skill development. Titus 2 partners believe the individual benefits from a decidedly Christian ministry approach to promoting addiction recovery and life transformation through learning and living the Gospel of Christ that includes women mentoring women, working the 12 step model with a Biblical perspective, and assimilation into healthy faith community.  [more]

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    Hiking Pike’s Peak in Flip Flops

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    Attachment-Based Therapy

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    Testimony of Healing and Renewed Life

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    “Reframe” the Concept of “Love”

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    What Ever it Takes

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