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  • Loneliness


    Loneliness....it's not just women...."Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general of the United States, has said many times in recent years that the most prevalent health issue in the country is not …Read More »
  • Foster Care?

    Foster Care?

    I have not worked with a lot of families with children in foster care, but with enough to realize it is not always the best situation.....and considering that Bay County …Read More »
  • Helping Women Make Such Progress

    Helping Women Make Such Progress

    After yesterday's weather delay, one young lady got to take the TABE test today at Career Source and started GED classes at Haney Technical School. She also got a state …Read More »
  • Being Heard Brings Healing

    Being Heard Brings Healing

    When a child is silenced by threats of harm to his/her loved ones by an abuser or a parent chooses to believe and stay with an abuser because of her …Read More »
  • Good End of Week

    Good End of Week

    Titus 2 ladies have had a good end of the week. Thursday evening they were guests for a wardrobe consultation with Susan Clancy of Lularoe fame! One blessed student brought …Read More »
  • Supper with Friends

    Supper with Friends

    Friends came to Titus 2 tonight with supper for the house residents. Tastily seasoned chicken breast, potatoes, green beans, garlic bread and two wonderful cakes graced the table with a …Read More »
  • Northstar Church Service Day at Titus 2

    Northstar Church Service Day at Titus 2

    Members of a young adult small group from Northstar Church spent their Saturday morning this past week at Titus 2’s community residence for women helping with “spring cleaning”. The energetic …Read More »
  • “Reframe” the Concept of “Love”

    “Reframe” the Concept of “Love”

    This TED talk provides an interesting view of how our culture talks about "love." In a recent conversation with a young woman contemplating a relationship, her emotions were obviously being …Read More »
  • When Work is Worship……

    When Work is Worship……

    Yesterday was another of "those" days. So many things dropped into place in just the right order at just the right time, it could only be attributable to God's grace …Read More »
  • The Key is Readiness

    The Key is Readiness

    I received a call from someone who is in recovery and whose adult child and other family members are in recovery. The person is going to be meeting with a …Read More »
  • The Shack

    The Shack

    Several Titus 2 students and I went to see The Shack yesterday. Here are my thoughts on it: The Shack was a good movie, redemptive and insightful about the nature …Read More »
  • Thank You for Giving!

    Thank You for Giving!

    Titus 2 is blessed to have a number of monthly or regular donors. And every few months a new one joins our financial and prayer support team. The ministry is …Read More »