Titus 2 September 2015 Newsletter

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It has been a wonderful summer for the students and staff of Titus 2. Many improvements have been accomplished inside and out at the residence. The students have enjoyed many activities as they have grown in their relationships with Christ through study, worship, and participation in Christian community. New volunteers have come alongside the Titus 2 women to guide them in their journey.

Titus 2 Uses All Volunteer Staff

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One of the goals of our Titus 2 women’s recovery ministry is to provide a comfortable “entry level” venue for missions. Families or newcomers to missions can find a place of service during one of several “work days” that we … Read More

Mental Health Stigmas are Shifting

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Survey: Mental health stigmas are shifting By Azadeh Ansari, CNN Wed September 2, 2015 Atlanta (CNN)—Mental health has a long-standing public perception problem, but the stigma appears to be shifting, at least in the United States, a new survey reveals. Results … Read More

Lisa’s Testimony August 2015

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m addict, words I never thought I would say. On my 27th birthday, August 13th 2011, I was a single mother of beautiful children we had our own home, I worked at a daycare center 5 days a week and loved my job. We spent our weekends doing what most family’s do. We had a flower garden and fenced in back yard. We had it all, or so I thought. But I was carrying around so much emotional baggage from my childhood and codependency that it was literally weighing me down. As put together as I seemed, I was lost and that night I made a decision to try meth. The first time grabbed me in such a way, I spiraled down so quickly. Within a month I had lost my home, and my job. My children were with a family member and I was in an abusive relationship.