The Word “Anxiety”

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I am about to the point of banning the use of the word “anxiety” in my presence . It is a pervasive mental health diagnosis….with many DSM variations on the theme. As I pray about and explore issues with women … Read More

Sharing Our Lives

Ms. Cathy Byrd and Titus 2 have been an unimaginable blessing in mine and my children’s lives….Anything we ever need or have trouble locating, she never hesitates to help locate resources and even takes time out of her personal schedule and resources to help….I have known Ms. Cathy Byrd for a long time and she is always available for moral and spiritual support and ministry….She has been a true blessing in mine and my children’s lives.

December Graduate Story

Before coming to Titus 2 I had a good relationship with God but I had lost my way. I had grown apart from God. I slowly stopped praying, reading my devotional, going to my Tuesday night Bible meetings and giving to church. I felt alone and lost. Titus 2 helped direct me on the right path again. After reading Search for Significance and classes with Pastor Terry Rodriguez and other instructors, I know I am loved by God