Volunteer Gives and Receives

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I am a Masters of Social Work (MSW) intern and was given the opportunity to spend seven months with Titus 2 Partnership. I facilitated group sessions and observed individual sessions with the residents of Titus 2 on a broad range … Read More

Deanna’s Story

  I am Deanna and I am a true believer in Christ.  I am an overcomer from drug addiction and codependency.  I started trying drugs when I was 17 years old.  I thought if I can’t beat them, then I’d … Read More

Jodi’s Story

My name is Jodi and I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. I am overcoming an addiction to prescription pain pills due to back surgery. However, I strongly feel addiction is only a layer of life’s problems that I’ve been in recovery from. I believe that all core issues that led me into a life of addiction are wrong thinking, fear, doubt, not feeling like I was enough for many years. I believed these lies until I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

Northstar Church Volunteers Make Impact At Titus 2

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On Saturday, July 15, 2016 a group of Northstar Church volunteers arrived at Titus 2 to undertake a variety of projects. We had gathered up supplies Friday and made a list of “To-Do’s”. The first pair arrived shortly after 8am, a mother and daughter team. They set to work immediately cleaning out a large closet in the classroom. As others arrived, the closet took on a very clean and organized look. Another closet got repairs to its shelving. Cabinets and doors and a repaired bath wall got fresh paint. Some landscape timbers that had gotten displaced were repositioned and stabilized. The library area was organized, Pictures, floating shelves, and a heavy decorative mirror were hung. A light was installed in a pantry closet. The utility room got a good scrubbing.

Neighborhood Improvement

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A year and a half into renovation of Titus 2’s residence, the exterior siding has all been replaced, the roof has been cleaned, the yard landscaping is coming together, and the women residing here take pride in their home.

Getting the Most Out of Every Donation

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As two students and a transitional resident prepare to move, many of their needs have been met by previous donations to Titus 2- coffee pots, lamps, linens, kitchen needs, decorative items and more. Each one has organized her home needs and boxed them up for her move. That left a number of items that Titus 2 had left in storage. The students took many of those items to the community yard sale at the First Church of God of Panama City on Saturday. They were allowed to keep the cash proceeds of that sale to help with their home set-up costs.

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