A Peppermint Party!

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What a great way to close out 2016! A Peppermint Party last night at the home of John and Mary Brewington and Ruth Prehn, donors and volunteers with Titus 2 Partnership’s Ministry to Women. Titus 2 instructor Carrie Tatum and program manager Cathy Byrd joined the fun and fellowship.

Thank You for Your Support!

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Titus 2 appreciates greatly all of the generous support this year from individuals, churches, and groups in our community and beyond. Year-end acknowledgements are being mailed today, December 23, 2016, for many of the donations received. If you do not receive an acknowledgement in the next few days, or a gift given earlier in the year has not been previously acknowledged, and you would like one for tax deduction reporting, please be sure to let us know. You may contact Cathy Byrd by phone at 832-4052 or by email to cbyrd@titus2partnership.org. As an all-volunteer ministry, we have no administrative staff to assure that such details are handled promptly, but we do want to make sure that your generosity is acknowledged.

A Recent Graduate Tells her Story

I grew up in a broken home my entire life. I barely remember my biological parents being together as my mother abandoned my two siblings, my father and I when I was around the age of 5 to pursue a homosexual life style. I remember crying because I couldn’t understand why she didn’t want us. My dad was a super hero when it came to single parenting and he did everything in his power to give us a good life. He married the woman that is now my mother when I was 7 years old, and having a maternal figure in my life was the best feeling ever. She wanted us and I craved that so badly.

Titus 2 Is Part of The Advent Conspiracy!

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It was a busy morning for Titus 2 students and volunteers. Titus 2 was asked by Shirley Newton of First United Methodist Church to work with her to feed up to 200 people at today’s Community Breakfast. A couple of us helped Friday afternoon with putting together 10 large breakfast casseroles. This morning we all arrived at 6am to bake casseroles, cut fruit, stir grits, and slice breakfast breads. About 160 guests and volunteers enjoyed the morning activities- clothing closet, toiletry bags, fresh produce distribution, Christmas music by Earl Newton, haircuts by his wife Gayle, computer lab, shower trailer and more.

Former Student Progress Report

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An 18 year-old aged-out foster teen came to us two years ago after she left her home state hoping to start over in Panama City. After things didn’t go as planned she was referred to us by someone who had known her through a foster group home in her home town. She stayed with us nine months and did some growing up, got her driver’s license, began work on the GED exam, and resolved some family issues. She returned home, got a job, and eased into independent adulthood. Today she called to tell us she had finally completed her last GED unit and had passed! She was thrilled to complete that goal.