Titus 2 & The ARK Making Students Welcome

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Several Titus 2 ladies and manager Cathy Byrd went to The Pour Thursday to deliver a couple of large rugs and a side table to this Christian coffee shop at The ARK, a partner ministry of Titus 2 that is owned and operated by the Marianna-Panama City District of The United Methodist Church. The summer ministry there to international students who work at Panama City Beach and to Christian college students is busy this time of year. Students receive information and support as well as accommodations during their stay in our community. Liz and Mike Bennett of Woodlawn United Methodist Church are the directors of the activities at The ARK. Local law enforcement personnel and others associated with the N.W. Florida Regional Human Trafficking Task Force provide information to international students on safety and human trafficking risks. International students know that The ARK is a safe refuge during their stay in Bay County. Titus 2 is a partner member of the NW FL Human Trafficking Task Force, as well.

Testimony of H.B.

I was born in the Florida Panhandle and raised by my grandparents there. I had what I thought was a normal childhood. I went to church as a kid, so I knew about God. I had a large family- grandparents, mom, dad, brothers, an aunt, 2 uncles and numerous cousins. We were a pretty close family. I quit going to church when a teacher in elementary school said I didn’t have to go to church to go to heaven, as long as I believed in God. Well, duh….everybody believes in God, I thought. So that ended my church days and left me more time to play!