“Instrumental” and “Terminal” Values……Grasping for Help

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My car is back in the shop today for some of its 140,000 mile service after a quick oil change and airbag warranty service yesterday….It’s 2006 Honda Element I’ve had 3 years and it had 53,000 miles when I got it. The service rep said, “You drive a lot of miles!” Uh, yes. And that’s only part of the miles involved in ministry, as we also have a Titus 2 car that is used a few times a week for the women to all go to church 2-3X a week and to the grocery store and occasional other needs. Each trip on that vehicle is logged and closely accounted for and all of the students know that it cannot leave the driveway without my explicit approval for each trip/destination, or they risk being charged with grand theft auto… [MORE]

Attachment-Based Therapy

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I was reading an invitation to a training seminar in Tennessee that is coming up on “Attachment-Based Intervention.”   I had read a couple of books by this Christian presenter on attachment.  The language in the invitation was very clinical and sounds impressive.  Knowing the psychological strategies for identifying attachment disorders and addressing them therapeutically through developing emotional literacy, interpersonal skill competency, setting and respecting boundaries, and the capacity for trust (directed toward the proper objects for one’s trust and to the proper degree!) is great and it is a valid approach to therapy for anxious, depressed, and suicidal individuals.  The bottom line of it all is this:   God is a relational God!  When one’s self-awareness, identity, and attachment are grounded in a relationship with Christ and one is discipled/mentored into meaningful community participation with others who are grounded in Christ, supportive and interdependent relationships evolve and have the capacity to bring tremendous healing, emotional growth, and stability! 

2017 Fall Newsletter

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As we move into the fall season, many people will be assessing their charitable giving for 2017 to determine how they wish to impact the community for good.  We invite consideration of Titus 2’s ministry as a worthy charitable 501c3 ministry for financial gifts. When a woman’s life is transformed, that change begins to have positive effects on her children, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, and others.  Over time, the Kingdom result can be tremendous!
Titus 2 is a low cost/high impact residential home environment for women with life-limiting dysfunctions who have made the decision to change their lives for the better through pursuing a personal relationship with Christ.