Come, Taste, and See

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Taste delicious seasonal refreshments. See the community residence where lives are changed. Visit with Titus 2 staff, volunteers, and students.

“Instrumental” and “Terminal” Values……Grasping for Help

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My car is back in the shop today for some of its 140,000 mile service after a quick oil change and airbag warranty service yesterday….It’s 2006 Honda Element I’ve had 3 years and it had 53,000 miles when I got it. The service rep said, “You drive a lot of miles!” Uh, yes. And that’s only part of the miles involved in ministry, as we also have a Titus 2 car that is used a few times a week for the women to all go to church 2-3X a week and to the grocery store and occasional other needs. Each trip on that vehicle is logged and closely accounted for and all of the students know that it cannot leave the driveway without my explicit approval for each trip/destination, or they risk being charged with grand theft auto… [MORE]

2017 Fall Newsletter

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As we move into the fall season, many people will be assessing their charitable giving for 2017 to determine how they wish to impact the community for good.  We invite consideration of Titus 2’s ministry as a worthy charitable 501c3 ministry for financial gifts. When a woman’s life is transformed, that change begins to have positive effects on her children, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, and others.  Over time, the Kingdom result can be tremendous!
Titus 2 is a low cost/high impact residential home environment for women with life-limiting dysfunctions who have made the decision to change their lives for the better through pursuing a personal relationship with Christ. 

Thanks For Kindness and Help

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Friday the Titus 2 ladies were on the way about 6:30 a.m. to meet a couple of volunteer instructors at the Panama City Mall for an early morning walk.  On the way, they experienced a tire blow out on the … Read More


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Titus 2 ladies have been the guests of a ministry supporter, Debbie Zirbel, who lives on West Bay. She has hosted them now several times for a Saturday of fun learning to paddleboard, enjoying lunch, watching a movie, and sharing in one another’s lives.

One student shared with me recently that she recalled 10 years ago seeing a picture of Cameron Diaz paddleboarding in Hawaii and thinking what fun that would be and having a desire born in her heart to do that someday. When she and her husband got stationed at Tyndall AFB, she hoped they would get paddleboards one day when their children got a little older. Unfortunately, they divorced and he moved away. The children are currently living with him out of state.

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