2016 Summer Newsletter

Greetings, Friends!      

Titus 2 Ministry Summer Newsletter

The “lazy crazy hazy days of summer”  are anything BUT lazy for the students of Titus 2.  The ladies with us now have been in the program for two to six months.  They are engaged daily in healthcare or other appointments, study, reading, classes, viewing required videos, community service, worship, team building activities, recreation, part time employment, and more.

As family relationships have begun to be restored, students are also enjoying time with their children visiting at Titus 2’s home during weekends or going to their families’ homes for brief visits. Re-integrating students into family life is a priority.  Families are often astonished to see the changes in their daughters/sisters/mothers after having witnessed years of dysfunction and rebellion.

The effort that these women put into their recovery pays great dividends –  peace, contentment, new skills for living, improved communication, restored relationships, a meaningful relationship with Christ and faith community, a sense of purpose in life, etc.  It is a joy to share in this process of redemptive life recovery through Christian discipleship and mentoring with them.

Recovered Treasures
One common theme of Titus 2 women’s life stories is that of losses…….  Loss of home, financial stability, custody of children, trust in relationships, self-respect, and much, much more.  Recently, one student talked about her life’s possessions being stored in a storage unit rented by an ex-husband’s family member that had been forfeited by the individual. She shared that when she went back to retrieve her belongings she discovered that she had lost an upright piano, items of furniture, her children’s baby clothes and pictures, and other things she could hardly bear to think about.

One thing she had given to a trusted friend for safe keeping was a quilt handcrafted by her grandmother for one of her daughters. After several months at Titus 2 she asked if she could see if it was still in the care of the person to whom she had entrusted it. She found out that the woman had died, but that her son lived in the home and she could come retrieve it.

One of the Titus 2 instructors took her over there last week and she was able to reclaim a precious treasure. She held it against her body on the way home and cried……tears of grieving other losses still but also tears of at least one thing recovered.

Thank You for Gifts to Titus 2
God blesses Titus 2’s ministry with many gifts from donors each month. I grew up at a time when thank-you notes were de rigueur. What that means today is that I have regular twinges of conscience when I find myself unable to keep up with writing thank you notes.

In the Titus 2 Partnership ministry, all of us are volunteers. Because the needs of the students for counseling and class time are our top priority, there is little time for some administrative tasks. In some ministry locations there is a paid staff person, a reception area that is staffed where gifts are received, and institutional systems in place for documenting and acknowledging gifts.

Today at Titus 2 people drop things off at the house or at Lynn Haven Methodist Church or the students and volunteers pick things up when friends call. I get overwhelmed with efforts to document it all and even more so, attempting to write thank you letters!

We do have an accounting system in place to document financial donations and I generally get those acknowledgements done every other month and a statement at the end of the year to donors. I ask your forgiveness for my shortcoming in this area. If you have donated items and we have failed to acknowledge your gift, please know that it is greatly appreciated. If you have not received an acknowledgement and would like one for tax purposes, please feel free to call or email me. 832-4052 or cbyrd@titus2partnership.org Please accept the heartfelt thanks of our students, Board of Directors, and volunteer staff for all that is done and given to support the ministry’s needs.

Monthly Giving
One of the most helpful ways that donors assist Titus 2 is through monthly giving commitments.  By providing a monthly gift of any amount, the ministry’s recurring expenses (utilities, maintenance, household supplies, rent, repairs, class instruction materials) are met.  Gifts can be mailed to:

Titus 2 Partnership
P.O. Box 35482
Panama City, FL 32412
Monthly gifts may be made online by going to the Titus 2 website www.titus2partnership.org .  Click on “Give” in the top menu bar, then click “Join the Giving Team” in the drop-down box.  Enroll in secure online giving through checking account debit or with a credit/debit card.

Other Services and Support
Your prayers and support are very much needed and appreciated by our recovery program students and volunteers, as well as by other women and families whom we serve without cost in parish ministry through outpatient counseling, case management, and resource access and referral. If your group would like a presentation on Titus 2’s ministry, we will be happy to provide a speaker for a meeting or assist you with offering your members a half-day or full-day spiritual retreat.  It your group would like to hold a meeting at our ministry residence or schedule a tour, please call Cathy Byrd at 850-832-4052.

Cathy Byrd, MS CRSS
Christian Educator and Life Recovery Counselor
cbyrd@titus2partnership.org     (850) 832-4052