2018 – A Year of Many Challenges…..

There have been the usual challenges of a residential life recovery program:  women coming into the house and instructors having to discern their readiness and intention to do the work of recovery as we taught and watched how they would embrace the instruction.  Some were entirely ready for serious changes in their lives.  Others, sadly, were not.

In 2018 Titus 2 had 35 applicants.  20 were served in residence, some for short-term care for specific  short-term needs, others for long-term comprehensive life recovery care.  12 completed their treatment plans.  As of December 31, we have 1 continuing in long-term residential care working the life recovery program, 1 completing her program in out-patient care, and 1 former recovery student in temporary residence with Titus 2 due to Hurricane Michael displacement.  She and her child will be moving into permanent FEMA housing in a few weeks.  Several applications are pending, awaiting return to the repaired Titus 2 home.

While Hurricane Michael was a severe challenge that tested the resilience of our home and our hearts, we have found that we are making it through the post-Michael storm recovery with the same comfort and provision that God has always extended to those who love and seek to serve and obey him!

We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the local community and beyond as we absorbed the impact of the storm and began our own recovery process.  Volunteers, donated resources, financial support, prayers, encouragement and more have sustained us.  Titus 2 is well positioned to continue with a strong program for women needing life recovery as we look forward to returning to the repaired home.   In some ways, it will be even better than before!

Our prayer for you in 2019 is that you, too, will know the sufficiency of God’s grace for every need!

Our group of volunteers have grown closer together as we have  worked through the challenges and discovered that we have gifts and graces among us we didn’t even realize were here!  We are excited for the year ahead and are eager to implement some of the things we have learned through this past year.

We have relied upon the sufficiency of God’s grace and God has not let us down!  Praise God for his loving care through 2018 and for the promise of his continued presence with us in 2019!

Titus 2 Damage from Hurricane Michael

Rev. Cathy Byrd, MS CRSS

Program Manager