2017 Fall Newsletter

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2017 Fall Giving Appeal       

As we move into the fall season, many people will be assessing their charitable giving for 2017 to determine how they wish to impact the community for good.  We invite consideration of Titus 2’s ministry as a worthy charitable 501c3 ministry for financial gifts. When a woman’s life is transformed, that change begins to have positive effects on her children, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, and others.  Over time, the Kingdom result can be tremendous!
Titus 2 is a low cost/high impact residential home environment for women with life-limiting dysfunctions who have made the decision to change their lives for the better through pursuing a personal relationship with Christ.  There are six beds in the nicely appointed home in a quiet neighborhood near Deerpoint Lake.  The monthly cost to operate the home is about $550-600 per bed per month, averaging about $3300 per month in expenses.  There are some individuals, churches, and groups that support the Titus 2 ministry with monthly, periodic, or annual contributions.  Half of the beds are allocated to scholarship students and half are allocated for students with financial resources to pay the $500/month fee (or $2000 if paid in full upon entry.)  As funds permit, we can accept a higher percentage of students who need scholarships.   Because we have chosen to spend the time of our all-volunteer staff on teaching, mentoring, and investing in relationships with our students we do not have annual or periodic fundraising “events” that require investments of large amounts of money, time, and human resources to orchestrate.  Several individuals and groups have initiated smaller fundraisers on behalf of the ministry, which have been greatly appreciated over the last three and a half years.

If you are now planning and implementing your year-end giving, please prayerfully consider including Titus 2 Partnership, Inc. in your 2017 charitable giving.  The need for affordable long-term residential recovery services is great across the Panhandle.  We trust God’s hand and heart in bringing those to us who are ready for a Christian transformation of their lives. Help us offer a hope and a future to those who have lost sight of both

Cathy Byrd, MS CRSS                        
Titus 2 Partnership, Inc.
Program Manager

This Year’s Services “by the Numbers”
as of August 31, 2017

– 19 women have been served in residential care for terms of 9 days to over 300 days.    4 of those are continuing with us at this time.  3 students were in short term transitional care only and stayed less than 60 days in order to achieve their transitional goals.
– 10 completed their recovery program and moved on to goals of independent living.
– 5 did not find the program suitable for their goals and departed.
– 6 applicants were approved for admission but chose other options.
– 5 were declined because no bed was available at the time of their application.
– 3 were declined due to medical issues beyond the continuum of care offered by Titus 2

In addition to the care provided to residential students:
–  5 women received outpatient counseling for 2 – 12 sessions without cost
–  6 households received food, clothing or other needs
–  4 women received assistance with one-time or short-term childcare assistance during work hours
–  1 family received assistance with funds for back- to-school supplies for 3 children
–  3 women received assistance with furnishings to set up independent living residences and with labor for moving in.

Numerous other needs have been met, thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers.

Cathy Byrd, MS CRSS                        
Titus 2 Partnership, Inc.
Program Manager

Not Just a Saturday Outing……

One student shared recently that she recalled 10 years ago seeing a picture of Cameron Diaz paddle boarding in Hawaii and thinking what fun that would be and having a desire born in her heart to do that someday.   When she and her husband got stationed at Tyndall AFB, she hoped they would get paddle boards one day when their children got a little older.  Unfortunately, they divorced and he moved away.  The children are currently living with him out of state.
When she had this unexpected opportunity to try this sport about a month ago, she found that it was a lot harder than she’d expected.  The first outing’s effort did not go well and she gave up.  A couple of weeks later she and other Titus 2 ladies were invited back.  She told me about the volunteer and outing hostess, Debbie Zerbil of High Praise Worship Center, encouraging her to use positive language and attitude to prepare for the day.  So instead of speaking defeat and fear over her own life, this student began affirming her ability and desire to have the strength and balance to get up on the board.  That day’s effort went much better.  She said that although it was very difficult at first and balancing took a tremendous amount of focus, she was able to get up and balance and spent several hours practicing not only her physical success, but the mental success that had helped make it possible!
The student said that this was truly a victory for her and an epiphany moment about how one’s thought life and verbal proclamations can influence the circumstances of her life in a positive way!Titus 2 students discover new skills, new opportunities, and new ways of thinking about themselves and the world around them through a variety of activities and many volunteers.   Titus 2 Partnership, Inc. is grateful for timely spiritual, financial, and relational investments in the lives of these women!

Join Our Intercessory Prayer Team 

These are individuals who are available to pray for requests that arise in the lives of our students, staff, volunteers, their families, or community needs that touch their lives.The intercessory prayer team is contacted by email as prayer needs arise. Click HERE to join intercessory prayer team. 

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