Encouraging Horticulture Skills

Enthusiastic hobby home gardener Jennifer Adams and her husband Nathan donated and delivered a raised bed garden to Titus 2 last week.  Today it got filled and planted, along with 2 other flower beds, with a variety of vegetables….. bell peppers, cabbage, bush beans, yellow squash, potatoes, and radishes.  Three large pots were planted with tomatoes, as well.  Neighbors also got in on the project.  When next door neighbor Craig Thomas and his beautiful retriever Bally saw what we were doing they delivered metal tomato stake frames for the pots from the Thomas’ storage shed.  Volunteer Pat Hall, an avid gardener herself, taught the women how to start marigold plants from seeds to plant around the beds to repel bugs.  They also learned how to plant potatoes from seed potato eyes.  Pat and Cathy Byrd gathered tools and supplies and showed them how to prepare the beds.  A compost bin that was donated two years ago will be put to good use this season.  They will be learning how to cultivate home pot and in-ground gardens for herbs, vegetables, and flowers this spring and summer.

There is a satisfying feeling of accomplishment in seeing things grow under the care of one’s own hands!  We will look forward to watching the Titus 2 women learn new skills and enjoy the fruit of their labors this summer.