February 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Donors, Alumnae, and Partners,

We are so grateful to have arrived at this date……Valentine’s Day…..celebrating with joy the love of Jesus Christ and expressing our heartfelt thank you to all who have helped us weather these past four months spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically!

We are delighted to report that our women are moving BACK INTO THE TITUS 2 RESIDENCE as of today!   It has progressed enough in the renovation that the contractor has graciously agreed to work around our desire to get them back into the house.  The bedrooms and bathrooms have all of the interior repairs completed.  There is still a lot of painting to do elsewhere in the house.  But we are able to function adequately with them back at their home base!  They will have only basic access to meal preparation until the kitchen and breakfast room are complete.  But they will be able to cook, eat, and have classes at the Byrd home down the street for the time being as the work continues at their residence.  The students themselves have been helping with the interior painting, cleaning, and setting up furniture to hasten the process along!

Faithfulness and Favor

As the ministry approaches its fifth birthday in April, we are humbled by the faithfulness of some who have been monthly donors to Titus 2 from the beginning and for those who have included Titus 2 in their annual charitable giving each year.  Also, we are further humbled by the ways in which God’s favor has been evidenced by timely gifts to meet specific needs from a number of individuals, churches, and groups.

The 2018 year-end financial gifts provided a needed cushion as we continue to focus most of our time and attention in these early months of 2019 on the needs of the students and the ministry’s disaster recovery work.  We can focus on the continued physical recovery for Titus 2’s home as well as life recovery for the women we serve.  The IRS 990 for 2018 will be posted as soon as the accounting firm has completed its preparation.  Financial information is also filed annually with the FL Department of Agriculture Division of Consumer Services as a matter of public record.

At the February Board of Directors’ meeting, the Board commended Titus 2’s management for conscientious stewardship of donors’ funds and for providing financial accountability and stability that will assure that the ministry can meet the needs of women in crisis for years to come.  Glory to God for his provision!

One of our 2019 goals is to develop and encourage more monthly donors, either online or by mail, so that the basic level of needed support for the home’s upkeep is secure throughout the year and not as dependent on end-of-the-year gifts.  Please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly financial partner with the ministry of Titus 2 Partnership, Inc.

Valentines to You from God Revealed in Creation

Reasons for Celebration

We have always said that we, as Titus 2 volunteers, are called simply to do what God has equipped us to do…..disciple and mentor women toward abundant living in Christ and leave the results to God.  What they do with what we offer is between God and them.  We have seen good fruit from the work in the partnership we have undertaken with God in season after season for nearly five years.  Lives have been changed….theirs, sometimes their family’s, and even ours!   We have grown to fully trust in God’s work in the hearts of women, even when we cannot see it.  And we thank God for the evidence of his work in them when we do …..Miranda, Jodi, Susan, Cherie, Vanessa, Ashley, Dana, Tara, Lisa, Kayla, Heidi, Brandy, Amanda, Lynn, Julie, Raven…… and many more!  Even for those who do not stay to complete the entire program or those who lapse back into dysfunctional lifestyles after leavinng, we trust and pray that Titus 2 will have been a haven for them, a refuge in which they did discover some of what they needed to move them further along on their journey, and that God will use what they learned here later-  in another place, at another time, with other teachers-  to continue in life recovery.
May God’s comfort, consolation, and care enfold you and may you know that you are, without a doubt, cherished!

Needs List

  • New blinds in 6 windows (bedrooms and baths)
  • Bath towels
  • Cleaning supplies for kitchen, bathroom, tile floors
  • Heavy duty large outdoor trash bags
  • 13 gallon white kitchen trash bags
  • Canned goods, food staples
  • Tall bookcases for classroom
  • A large adjustable patio umbrella  (we have a nice stand to hold one and a table and chairs for the back deck that used to be a screened porch)
  • 2 new ceiling fans with lights for bedrooms (with standard size bulbs)
  • 1 new ceiling fan with lights for classroom (with standard size bulbs)
  • 60 watt (or comparable) light bulbs
  • 2 closet ceiling light fixtures
  • 1 multi light fixture for the stairwell
  • 1 large box of business size plain white envelopes
  • 3 trucks of dirt in the back yard before sod (which has been graciously donated) is delivered and laid
  • 1 load of gravel for the driveway
  • Gift cards for hardware department at Walmart- for paint and paint supplies ( about $250 of paint needed)
  • Assorted plants, pots, shrubs, trees to begin re-landscaping the yard