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Titus 2 ladies have been the guests of a ministry supporter, Debbie Zirbel, who lives on West Bay.  She has hosted them now several times for a Saturday of fun learning to paddleboard, enjoying lunch, watching a movie, and sharing in one another’s lives.

One student shared with me recently that she recalled 10 years ago seeing a picture of Cameron Diaz paddleboarding in Hawaii and thinking what fun that would be and having a desire born in her heart to do that someday.   When she and her husband got stationed at Tyndall AFB, she hoped they would get paddleboards one day when their children got a little older.  Unfortunately, they divorced and he moved away.  The children are currently living with him out of state.

When she had this unexpected opportunity to try this sport about a month ago, she found that it was a lot harder than she’d expected.  The first outing’s effort did not go well and she gave up.  Two weeks ago they were invited back.  She told me about Ms. Debbie encouraging her to use positive language and attitude to prepare for the day.  So instead of speaking defeat and fear over her own life, this student began affirming her ability and desire to have the strength and balance to get up on the board.  That day’s effort went much better.  She said that although it was very difficult at first and balancing took a tremendous amount of focus, she was able to get up and balance and spent several hours practicing not only her physical success, but the mental success that had helped make it possible!

The student said that this was truly a victory for her and an epiphany moment about how one’s thought life and verbal proclamations can change the circumstances of her life!

Today the students are once again enjoying a morning of recreation on the paddleboards with Debbie and learning new things about themselves as they learn new physical skills.   Titus 2 Partnership, Inc. is grateful to Debbie Zirbel for her investment in the lives of these women and sharing her own life’s lessons with them!