Testimony by Brandy B.

It is an extremely harsh and mean world out there if you think you can handle it all by yourself.  Because the only thing for sure anyone can accomplish without God is nothing, notta, not a thing! If the Good Lord is not on your side then you are on the wrong team and you are for sure going to lose.  Lose what, you might be thinking.  Well, let me tell you about the way it was for me.  For me, my childhood was as good as my Mom could make it for my brother and me, even as she dealt with my abusive alcoholic father.  She made sure we went to church where the seed of God was planted.  Thank you, Mom, cause if not I am sure I would still be stuck in the devil’s lies.  Stuck on abusive relationships, stuck on drugs, stuck on thinking this world and worldly desires are the way of life.  No sir, this world is or can be the trap of the devil’s lies.  If you let it and believe anything besides the word of God. The Bible is the only way out of anything you get yourself into.  As for me, I know if Mom did not have a green thumb to plant the seed of God in my brother and me, we would have been stuck in Hell for eternity.  So as for me, the only thing I desire is to be stuck on God and his Word!