A Growing Disciple’s Testimony….

I had what I thought was a pretty good life.  I worked.  My roommate and I had a house on three acres with two horses and a pony and I had a group of really good friends.  Then one day my house caught fire and I lost everything.  I had to sell my horses and to me that was worse than losing all of my stuff.  A relative asked me to come live with him so my dog and I moved to Panama City.

I went through depression, but I found a job and made a friend.  She could see I was depressed and she introduced me to pain pills.  They made me feel better.  Then I started dating someone that wasn’t good for me and started getting in trouble.  I was in and out of jail.  The last time I went to jail was different.  I wanted something different and I could feel that I was missing something.  It was through a friend that I heard of Titus 2.  I reached out to Mrs. Cathy Byrd and after my first meeting with her, I knew it was God missing in my life.  Mrs. Cathy came to my court date and talked to the judge and he let me go to the program.  I was saved from a five-year prison sentence.  God had a different plan for my life.

Since I have been in the program I have grown close with my Lord.  I got baptized and joined a church and I have built a Christian family for myself.  I have a job I love and am meeting goals I have set.

It’s December now and I am 11 months clean!  My God is so Good!!