Life Recovery

A Recent Graduate’s Story

When I was ready to give up on my life, I allowed God to come into my life and make me different.  As a child, I was happy and lived a good life.  I had a good Mom and a Father that loved me.  My parents kept me involved in church.   But when I was 13 years old, my parents got a divorce. That was my first real hurt that I did not know how to handle.  So then I needed an escape so I started experimenting with drugs.  Then I met my first husband who is the father of my two kids.  It was not the marriage I had hoped for.  It was a physically abusive relationship.  I wanted out of the marriage and to deal with the  pain, my addiction really started.  Then I met another man that I really loved and we got engaged.  One morning I woke up and found him dead.  Then shortly after that, my father passed away.  I really went off the deep end.   I went to several rehab centers and they never worked for me.  Now I know it was because I did not have a relationship with the Lord.

Then when I was 32 years old I met another man and began a relationship that made me so miserable I wanted to die.  He was really abusive and would have killed me if I had stayed.  I had never felt so hopeless and so alone.  The last time he abused me so bad, I was left lying there broken and helpless.  My childhood came to mind.  I remembered that I was such a happy little girl and knew that as a woman now I could have that happiness again and deserved it.

I had to get away from the life I was living.  I called my Mother and asked for help and on July 15, 2018, my Mom took me to meet Mrs. Cathy and I went to Titus 2.  Then I started seeing the life I wanted to live at church.  I saw the joy the women had and I wanted to feel that joy.  Now, with God in my life I feel that joy and happiness. The work of the Lord that he has done for me has changed me forever.  I want to share that same joy with others.