What God Desires

Titus 2 believes Christ is the Divine incarnation of God. God’s character, then, is exemplified in Christ's life and ministry, as revealed in the Bible, for all of us. And God desires for his people to be transformed into the likeness of Christ, representing His character in the world to others.  God’s goal is to make us look like Himself. So learning about and desiring the characteristics of God’s goal is to make us look like Himself.[/mks_pullquote] God will help us begin to look like His Son, Jesus Christ. prayer is a pathway to becoming Christ like.  Join the Titus 2 intercessory prayer team. These are individuals who are available to pray for requests that arise in the lives of our students, staff, volunteers, their families, or community needs that touch their lives. The intercessory prayer team is contacted by email as prayer needs arise. 

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