Determine if You Have Interest in the Ministry

  • Attend a meeting with other volunteers
  • Ask questions and observe our ministry
  • Determine in your heart that this is a ministry with which you wish to associate

Volunteer Needs

  • Women interested in volunteering are encouraged to engage in small, incremental. ways initially to gain experience and training in addiction and life recovery issues.
  • Participate in a study with the students.
  • Provide transportation for students to appointments or activities.
  • Serve as a sponsor for a student in a Sunday School class.
  • Provide a supper and fellowship time for students to get acquainted with them.
  • Volunteer for a single event and get to know one or two students.
  • Review the training materials and meet with the staff and other volunteers to ask questions and get better acquainted with the program goals and activities.
  • Teaching a short term class.
  • Lead a Bible study for students
  • Serve in the house as a “volunteer supervisor” to engage with the students and provide oversight to students when staff is off (Saturdays, Sunday afternoons, holidays).

Residence Improvement Volunteers Needed

  • Stripping and refinishing stairs- we have plans to stencil the "fruit of the spirit words on the risers of the stairs! "Love", "Joy", "Peace", "Patience", "Goodness", "Kindness","Faithfulness", "Gentleness", and "Self Control" Anyone good with such artistic efforts?
  • Painting the facings and doors of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Repaint doors, interior and exterior.
  • Power wash siding on the house in late spring.
  • Assist with creating decorative borders around flower beds. 

Become an Instructor or Mentor

Before pursuing instructor or mentor status, one is encouraged to volunteer with the program for a few months to understand the program goals and activities and gain experience with the students, earning their trust. Rev. Cathy Byrd has used mentoring in recovery as part of her work with women in addiction recovery since 2008. She has been a mentor to other women for over nearly twenty years and has helped others appreciate and undertake mentoring roles within her church, Christian woman to Christian woman, as encouraged in the Bible in Titus 2.

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