Titus 2 Partnership’s life recovery program focuses on life transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ for women who have been detoxed from active substance abuse, women exiting incarceration at risk of relapse to an addiction lifestyle, women ready to exit the “soft” sex bondage industry of strip clubs, or early term pregnant women with no home or other resources who are ready for transformation. Students are immersed in Biblical studies and life skills training from a Christian perspective. Daily intensive instruction for 6-8 hours will allow students to accomplish the course of study in about 6-7 months and move into transitional status, employed and continuing in discipleship and mentoring until they are firmly established in their new Christian identity and lifestyle.


Spiritual / Discipleship Components

  • Purpose Driven Life
  • Daily morning devotional
  • Weekly reflection sheet
  • Journaling
  • Personal Bible reading recording/review
  • Search for Significance Class
  • How to Study the Bible Instruction
  • Women of the Bible Class
  • Wednesday night church Bible study
  • Sunday worship and study
  • Self Study Bible lessons
  • Mentor/mentee relationship with volunteers
  • History of the Church DVD curriculum
  • Ministry in service to the community

Recovery / Chemical Dependence Components

  • Power to Choose 12 Step Program
  • Weekly Celebrate Recovery Fellowship Meeting
  • Abortion Grief Recovery Counseling available
  • Relapse Prevention Self Study Unit and Counseling
  • Life’s Healing Changes class
  • Co-Dependency Self Study- Untangling Relationships
  • Root Problems Class
  • Self Esteem Class
  • Big Girls Don’t Whine Class
  • Group discussion sessions
  • Domestic Violence Seminar
  • Aftercare outreach

Life Skills/Self Care Components

  • Boundaries Class
  • Overcoming Anger/Resolving Conflict
  • Effective Parenting in a defective world
  • Fire Prevention/Safety meeting (1/month)
  • Physical health and wellbeing instruction
  • Scheduled Recreation/Group Activities
  • Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence
  • Relationships & Romance Discussion Group
  • Love, Sex, and Dating video curriculum
  • Home and Self Care (covers issues of hoarding, order in personal space, time management, food handling, etc)
  • Children/Family visitation

Vocational Education / Job Readiness Components

  • Job skills and work readiness
  • GED classes/tutoring
  • State Identification/License reinstatement
  • Resume development/interviewing skills
  • Attempted resolution of legal issues
  • Computer skill development


February 2018